The hub is private and we share only lossless bootlegs, no mp3 and others lossy formats are allowed. We have also a lot of DVD and video to offer. We do this only for trading NOT TO SELL.
If you want join our community follow the rules and read the guides to setup your client,register by mail and start to collecting great stuff.

DC Guide


Rule Nr:01 - Don't share any porn file,you'll be banned without notice
Rule Nr:02 - Don't Advertise for other hubs
Rule Nr:03 - Stay In This Hub When You Are DownLoading.
Rule Nr:04 - Share minimum 0mb *(see note)
Rule Nr:05 - Share only complete roio's and unofficial videos
Rule Nr:06 - Repeated violations of the rules will delete your account
Rule Nr:07 - The hub owner and his operators are always right (mmm)
Rule Nr:08 - If you disagree with the hub rules you'll be kicked
Rule Nr:09 - When your downloads are finished,share them please
Rule Nr.10 - Download just 1 roio/dvd at once from a single user
Rule Nr.11 - No Lossy files(mp3,ogg.etc etc) and WAV allowed
Rule Nr.12 - All shows in shn must have the MD5 file.
Rule Nr.13 - Don't share converted files lossy>lossless or you'll be banned
Rule Nr.14 - EVERY SHOW (roio/voio),WILL BE NOT CONVERTED in other fomat and redistribuited to anyone.If you agree good if not take your things and leave the hub.No exceptions.
*User with 0 share must type new user or new member in description and when every download (complete roio or video) is done must put all in share thx


Before register please read the rules, if you don't agree don't send a request. If you brake the rules you will be warned and then kicked,so please respect the rules

To register send a mail to ifwtsignup@gmail.com

You can choose a Nick and a Password

For example:

Nick: Pink

Password: Floyd

Your request will be verified and you'll be registered

If you have trouble to connect on the default url try an alternative of the follows:







If you can't still connect on hub verify if your xp firewall or if you have Norton Firewall, are disable. Try alternative firewalls like Sygate or Kerio.