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IFWT-DVD-028 - David Gilmour - 2006-08-12

"Last Night In Venice"

David Gilmour
2006-08-12 - On An Island Tour
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy

"Last Night In Venice"
IFWT-DVD-028 - An "In Floyd We Trust" Production

Format: PAL - 4/3

Timing: 150 min 27 sec

Breathe (reprise)
On A Island
The Blue
Red Sky At Night
This Heaven
Then I close My Eyes
Band Introduction
Take a Breath
A Pocketful of Stones
Where We Start

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Wot's Uh The Deal
Arnold Layne
Dark Globe
Fat Old Sun
On The Turning Away
High Hopes
Wish You Were Here
Comfortably Numb

Most of the applauses are missing and some begins are cut

"In Floyd We Trust" intro made by BrainDamage
Artwork by Gabi
Authored by Breathe

Special thanks to Andrew Webber for the audio on the "In Floyd We Trust" clip intro.

This release was first shared simultaneously on IN FLOYD WE TRUST & PINKROIOSHN Hubs and YEESHKUL tracker.

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