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IFWT-DVD-027 "David Gilmour à l'Olympia"

Paris, L'Olympia, 2006/03/16

"David Gilmour à l'Olympia" (IFWT-DVD-027)

PAL - 4/3

DVD1 (timing:57 min 2 sec)
01. Castellorizon (begin is cut)
02. On an Island
03. The Blue (begin is cut)
04. The Great Gig In The Sky (begin is cut)
05. Red Sky at Night (end is cut)
06. This Heaven (begin is cut)
07. Then I Close My Eyes (begin is cut)
08. Smile
09. Take a Breath
10. A Pocketful of Stones
11. Where We Start

DVD2 (timing: 81 min 40 sec)
01. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (interrupted)
02. Shine on You Crazy Diamond
03. Wot's... Uh The Deal?
04. Wearing The Inside Out (end is cut)
05. Fat Old Sun (begin is cut)
06. Breathe (cut)
Time (missing)
Breathe Reprise (missing)
07. High Hopes (begin is cut)
08. Echoes (cut in the middle)
09. Wish You Were Here
10. Comfortably Numb

Audio tracks
01. "Have You Found It Up There, Andy?"
02. Original Camera Track

A huge thanks to Xave & MOB for the "Have You Found It Up There, Andy?" roio and to "pompom" and "tux" for the pictures

Artwork by Gabi
IFWT intro animation by BrainDammage
IFWT intro sound by Andrew Webber
Authored by Breathe

This gig at the Olympia was the 2nd Parisian gig of the 2006
"On An Island" European Tour (David played the evening before
at the Grand Rex Theatre, not far from the Olympia).

The concert at the Olympia had some particularities that made
that show very unique.

Firstly, David invited Sam Brown to sing The Great Gig In The Sky,
as she was in town that night to perform with Jools Holland and his
Rhythm and Blues Orchestra, at the Trabendo. She performed during
the 1st set, just after "The Blue", and probably left the Olympia
just after the song, to fulfill her obligations with the Jools
Holland band...

Just after this nice surprise, some French people in the audience
began to wish a happy birthday to David, who turned 60 just 10 days
earlier, on March 6th. Then most of the audience sang the famous
"Happy Birthday" song to David.

A third particularity of the Olympia gig is due to a big larsen
problem during "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", at the beginning of
the first verse. David stopped, and after the problem was identified
(refer to the title of the RoIO ;-)), David restarted the song from
the beginning! Furthermore - probably to avoid to play twice the
same solos during the same concert - he did totally improvised lines
during the intro, and also during the first electric solo just after
Syd's Theme! This performance of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" at the
Olympia is therefore a very unique version, with alternate solos,
almost totally improvised and very exciting to hear!

The Olympia concert was also the first one where David played "Fat
Old Sun" instead of "Dominoes" (and he was totally on fire during
the final electric solo!).