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IFWT-DVD-025 Tempus Fugit 1988-07-12 - Stadio Flaminio, Rome

IFWT-DVD-025 - An "In Floyd We Trust" Production

1988-07-12 - Stadio Flaminio, Rome, Italy

"Tempus Fugit"

Source: First generation tape

Unknown lineage
Format: Pal 4/3 - CBR 8000 kb/s
Audio LPCM 1536
Authored with Tmpgenc 4 Xpress and DVD Author 3


3 DVD Set

DVD1 (Timing: 56:35)

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Signs of Life
Learning To Fly
Yet Another Movie
A New Machine Pt.1
Terminal Frost
A New Machine Pt.2
Dogs Of War

DVD2 (Timing 53:37)

On The Turning Away (end missing)
One Of These Days
On The Run
The Great Gig In The Sky
Wish You Were Here
Welcome To The Machine
Us And Them

DVD3 (Timing 1:03:24)
Another Brick in The Wall Pt.2
Comfortably Numb (a little of the intro missing)
One Slip (end missing)
Run Like Hell

Extra: "Little Pieces (second source of the same concert)


The video is an 1988 shot so don't expect too much from it,anyway it's the best available video of this date.A lot of noises on audio,I try to remove them but I prefered leave it without changes.
The "Little Pieces" is a second source of the same concert,maybe first gen too,but I'm not sure.
I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Many thanks to MrPinky for the source and to the taper Roby Grazie! :-)

IFWT clip intro created by BrainDamage
Many thanks to Andrew Webber for the audio on the "In Floyd We Trust" clip intro.
Authored by BrainDamage
Artwork Design by Gabi

This release was first shared simultaneously on IN FLOYD WE TRUST
& PINKROIOSHN Hubs and YEESHKUL tracker.

http://www.infloydwetrust.com/ (IFWT)
http://www.pinkroioshn.org (pinkroioshn)

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