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IFWT-DVD-020 - 1999.12.02-03 Paul McCartney

The Parkinson Show

Paul McCartney, London 1999/12/02-03

"The Parkinson Show"
IFWT-DVD-020 - An "In Floyd We Trust" Production

The Rehearsals: unknown DVD-R
The Show: 1st gen VHS (thanks to Dukem)

Total timing:
The Rehearsals: 38 min 39 sec
The Show : 67 min 23 sec

01. Honey Hush
02. Twenty Flight Rock
03. "Untitled"
04. Yesterday
05. The Long And Winding Road
06. Your Loving Flame
07. "Central Park"
08. My Love (Instrumental)
09. All Shook Up

Easter Egg

The Band:
Paul McCartney
David Gilmour
Mick Green
Ian Paice
Pete Wingfield
Chris Hall

Format : PAL - 4/3

Artwork by Gabi
"In Floyd We Trust" intro by BrainDamage
Authored by Breathe

Special thanks to Andrew Webber for the audio on the "In Floyd We Trust" clip intro.

This release was first shared simultaneously on IN FLOYD WE TRUST & PINKROIOSHN Hubs and YEESHKUL tracker.

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