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IFWT-DVD-017 - 2006.04.05 DG Bite The Big Apple - Vol.2

David Gilmour
2006-04-05 - On An Island Tour
Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY USA

"Bite The Big Apple - Vol. 2"
IFWT-DVD-017 - An "In Floyd We Trust" Production

Format: NTSC - 4/3 - 2 cams mix

DVD One (Timing: 60 min 48 sec):

01 Castellorizon
02 This Heaven
03 Smile
04 Red Sky at Night
05 Take a Breath
06 Then I Close My Eyes
07 Band Introductions
08 On An Island
09 The Blue
10 A Pocketful of Stones
11 Where We Start

DVD Two (Timing: 90 min 58 sec):

01 Shine on You Crazy Diamond
02 Wot's...Uh The Deal
03 Wearing the Inside Out
04 Coming Back To Life
05 Speak To Me
06 Breathe
07 Time
08 Breathe (Reprise)
09 High Hopes
10 Echoes
11 Wish You Were Here
12 Find the Cost of Freedom
13 Comfortably Numb

"In Floyd We Trust" intro made by BrainDamage
Artwork by Gabi
Authored by Breathe

Special thanks to sydb for the audio source "Fat Boy Does Radio City Volume 2" (AM5CDR010) and to
Andrew Webber for the audio on the "In Floyd We Trust" clip intro.

This release was first shared simultaneously on IN FLOYD WE TRUST & PINKROIOSHN Hubs and YEESHKUL tracker.

http://pinkfloydsound.altervista.org/ (IFWT)
http://pf-db.com/signup.php (pinkroioshn)


Notes from the roio:

David Gilmour
Fat Boy Does Radio City Volume 2
Radio City Music Hall
New York, New York, USA

Source: M[DAT] > SHN
Length: 152 minutes

Recording Information: Sony ECM-719 > Sony TCD-D7
Location: 1st Mezzanine 4, Row H, Seat 404

Transfer: Sony DTC-A7 > Optical > Sound Blaster > CoolEditPro > WAV
SHN Conversion: WAV > MKWACT > SHN
Mastering and editing performed using CEP 2.1

Recorded by sydb
DAT transfer, mastering, and SHN conversion by sydb

101 Castellorizon
102 This Heaven
103 Smile
104 Red Sky at Night
105 Take a Breath
106 Then I Close My Eyes
107 Band Introductions
108 On An Island*
109 The Blue*
110 A Pocketful of Stones
111 Where We Start

201 Shine on You Crazy Diamond*
202 Wot's...Uh The Deal
203 Wearing the Inside Out
204 Coming Back To Life
205 Speak To Me
206 Breathe
207 Time
208 Breathe (Reprise)
209 High Hopes
210 Echoes

301 Wish You Were Here
302 Find the Cost of Freedom*
303 Comfortably Numb

*with David Crosby and Graham Nash vocals

Another night in the city, another great show. Crosby and Nash join Dave yet again. A lot less audience particpation on this recording when you compare it to my previous night's attempt. It took me until the end of "This Heaven" to get the levels right, but once they were figured out, this recording is great.

Sound: EX
Overall: 9/10