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IFWT-DVD-003 DG 2006-03-24 - Hear Me Shout

DG 2006-03-24 - Hear Me Shout (IFWT-DVD-003)

Teatro degli Arcimboldi,Milano,Italia

Set 1
01) Castellorizon
02) On an island
03) The blue
04) Red sky at night
05) This heaven
06) Then I close my eyes + band intro
07) Take a breath
08) Smile
09) A pocketful of stones
10) Where we start

Set 2
01) Shine on you crazy diamond
02) Wot's...uh the deal
03) Wearing the inside out
04) Coming back to life
05) Breathe
06) Time
07) Breathe (reprise)
08) High hopes
09) Echoes
10) Wish you were here
11) Comfortably numb


This DVD was sold on Ebay.
No lineage available.It was without chapters.
Re-authored with TMPGEnc DVD Author.
The video is good but too much "moving" up/down/left/right and the taper spoke too much.....
It's for that I use the title "Hear me Shout"

Re-Authored and Artwork by BD

Many thx to Fabiosky who provides this VoIO


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