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IFWT-DVD-002 David Gilmour 2006-03-24 - Take a Breath

David Gilmour 2006-03-24 - Take a Breath (IFWT-DVD-002)

Teatro Degli Arcimboldi,Milano,Italia

Recorded by Wolfpack (Sony MiniDV)
Echoes recorded by PaoloTK (audio replaced from the roio "It's Time To Gig Another One" by Stratocaster96)
Authored by BD (TMPGEnc DVD Author,Ulead Video Studio8)
Artwork by Gabi

IFWT-DVD-002 Take a Breath

Set 1
Gilmour's arrival
On a Island
The Blue
Red Sky at Night
This Heaven
Then I Close my Eyes
Band Intro
Take a Breath
A Pocketful of Stone
Where We Start
Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Wot's...Uh The Deal
Wearing The Inside Out (incomplete)

Set 2
Gilmour's photo slideshow

total lenght 1:25:29

Shared for the first time on In Floyd We Trust Hub - http://pinkfloydsound.altervista.org and seeded on www.yeeshkul.com

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