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IFWT-DVD-001 PF 1988-06-29 Round And Round Westfalenhalle


Artist: Pink Floyd
Title: "Round And Round Westfalenhalle"
Date: 1988/06/29
Location: Dortmund, Germany
Label: In Floyd We Trust (IFWT-DVD-001)

DVD 1 (87:10)
01.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V)
02. Signs of Life
03. Learning To Fly
04. Yet Another Movie
05. A New Machine (Part I)
06. Terminal Frost
07. A New Machine (Part II)
08. Sorrow
09. Dogs Of War
10. On The Turning Away
11. One Of These Days
12. Time
13. On The Run
14. The Great Gig In The Sky

DVD 2 (66:48)
01. Wish Your Were Here
02. Welcome To The Machine
03. Us And Them
04. Money
05. Another Brick in The Wall (Part II)
06. Comfortably Numb
07. One Slip
08. Run Like Hell

Picture: VHS (unknown gen - probably 1st gen) > DVD-R> TMPGEnc DVD Author> TMPGEnc Express> TMPGEnc DVD Author > IFOEdit > DVD-R
Audio: VHS (unknown gen - probably 1st gen) > DVD-R > Adobe Audition Pro 2.0 (equalisation + Amplify 4,5 dB)

Authored By Breathe
Artwork By Gabi

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