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Pink Floyd - 1972-12-07 - Filling A Gap


PINK FLOYD - Palais des Sports
Lille, FRANCE 1972-12-07

Filling A Gap


Telefunken tape recorder, external mic (mono) > Audacity (1.2.6) no Filter >
WAV (48Khz/24bits) > remastering / cleaning / restoration (MOB "touch") > FLAC (44.1Khz/16bits)


Disc 1: Dark Side Of The Moon
01. Speak To Me
02. Breathe
03. On The Run
04. Time
05. The Great Gig In The Sky
06. Money
07. Us And Them
08. Any Colour You Like
09. Brain Damage
10. Eclipse

Disc 2:
01. One Of These Days
02. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
03. Echoes

Taped by: ZEF


Remastering notes (from MOB):

The rough recording was already very good, but needed some restoration and cleaning before
being spread worldwide. Indeed, due to the age of the mastertape, a lot of crackles,
tape warble and level fluctuations were present on the rough digital transfer.
These have been manually cleaned as much as possible. Also, the rough version had
a lot of clipping that needed to be corrected. Some frequencies with musical content
were buried in the original transfer, therefore a slight EQ was applied in order
to bring clarity to the recording. There were some abrupt cuts on the mastertape
(two cuts during Breathe, one cut at the beginning of Us And Them and one cut
in the middle of OOTD, not to mention numerous "pause" operations by the taper
during some tunings and applause between songs).
These have been restored by editing, so that the recording is now presented
in a continuous way, with smooth transitions.


Notes by PE:

Almost like David Vincent, it all started with a torrent which had attracted my attention :
Gong 1973-06-19, a gig at Roger Salengro's salle - Lille, France, chez les ch'tis.

Contact was made with the seeder (Sous-Marin) who turned out to be the taper of this show.
Sewing up, and after a few blow-jobs I learned that he had recorded the Campus radio show
AM original broadcast (1970) : Pink Floyd 1970-01-23 at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées.
I therefore encouraged him to torrent this recording.
Then, on his website, I saw a date which intrigued me : Pink Floyd 1972-07-12,Lille.
.... Lille? le pays des ch'tis œuf course ! but as far as I knew no recording
of this particular gig were reported !...

With this new contact we discussed via emails until I learned that the taper (named ZEF)
actually taped this gig and that SousMarin owns a mp3/128Kbits recording of this show.
Then began the quest for the "lossless" source of this recording...
Days passing, a lot of blow-jobs again and weeks later, an email just arrived,
ZEF replied to Sous-Marin :

I had a small tape recorder, the later Telefunken (R.I.P blessed tape recorder)
connected to an external microphone.
I digitalized the tape with Audacity (version 1.2.6) using default settings.
Audacity detected my recording as being in mono. I did not correct the file
or apply any filters. This was a "rough" transfer direct from tape to HD.

Bingo! we finally got it:)


Dedicated to all the good people in Yeeshkul, IFWT & PRS hubs.
I really want to thanks all the guys behind this release :

MOB - for the mastering of this show,
Breathe - for his general help, and the use of IFWT label for this release.
Alex - for helping in translations,
Sous-Marin (aka AndPh.) - for grabbing the source
Raymond Dzarek (aka PhD.) - for discovering 2 years back that a recording exist!
Philippe R., - for permission to use the ticket scan.
don't forget to see his website, fool of goodies at:

...and the last, but not the least, the taper ZEF (aka AndP.)!


Now, time to seed IFWT-CDR-035
Thanks all

BruNo. (aka PE)