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DG 2006-07-29 Königsplatz, München, Germany

"Fat Old Rain" (rec.1)



David Gilmour
Königsplatz, München, Germany

"Fat Old Rain" (rec.1)
recorded by TS from row 5,seat 38 with
sony MZ RH 1 High-MD,binaural core sound

CD 1:
01 Breathe
02 Time / Breathe Reprise
03 Castellorizon / On An Island
04 The Blue
05 Red Sky At Night
06 This Heaven
07 Then I Close My Eyes
08 Band Intro / Happy Birthday
09 Smile
10 Take A Breath
11 A Pocketful Of Stones
12 Where We Start

CD 2:
01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pt.1-5)
02 Astronomy Domine
03 Dark Globe
04 Fat Old Sun
05 Coming Back To Life
06 High Hopes
07 Echoes
08 Wish You Were Here
09 Comfortably Numb

note: Caused by the heavy rain at the beginning of set2 the recording equipement urgently
needed water protection. Thats why some tracks sound a little distant.

artwork by Gabi

This release was first shared simultaneously on IN FLOYD WE TRUST & PINKROIOSHN Hubs and YEESHKUL tracker. (IFWT) (pinkroioshn)

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